About Us

Experience You Can Count On

BitsAtWork provides guidance to improve software & product development life cycles, product strategy, product management, agile development, automated testing, off-/near-/on-shore operations, product quality, DevOps, cloud ops, budgeting, negotiation, vendor management, staffing, technical due-diligence, high-EBITDA tech ops, professional services, customer experience and user experience. 

We are performance-driven, customer-focused and goal-oriented with extraordinary success in PE/ VC/ startup/ blue-chip companies accelerating SaaS/ hosted/ premise/ embedded product delivery and meeting investor/ corporate objectives. Skilled in concept-to-sale for domestic/ global, B2B/ B2C/ eCommerce/ retail/ telematics. We have wide experience in platform, service, process, and technology.

We are experts at technology turn-arounds and have 15+ years experience in private equity and venture capital portfolio companies alone.  Our services can be customized to your needs. 

Our Mission

Provide simple and effective solutions to meet the frequent technology-based situations we deal with as leaders and entrepreneurs.

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